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  1. Finance IT changes for 20/20
    A paper to promote understanding of how lT functions can drive change in 2016/2017 toward 2020 via significant impact to the EPS, invoking “Kaizen and Kaikaku in lT Operations” and undertaking “Benefit Management” practices. Titled: The e2O-Kit.

  2. Service Technology Ownership
    Service Oriented Ownership, rather than Application or Technology oriented ownership, promotes end to end accountability and responsibility for an entire Service, not only an lT Application, across all departments responsible for its delivery. Service Oriented Ownership facilitates cost reduction by eliminating inefficiencies and removing duplicated effort at the same time as promoting commonization of tools and expertise.ln this model, the same people are involved and accountable for the end to end delivery of the Service, breaking down organizational barriers and increasing consistency in the service. This also serves to reduce duplicated effort and redundancy in the process.The purpose of this document is to help Service Technology Owners and their managers achieve their goals through clear definition of their roles and responsibilities and to provide a clear guide on what will be expected as the deliverables.

  3. ERP On-Premise to Cloud Considerations
    “A client’s core accounting systems, project management systems, reporting systems will offer clients no competitive advantage and therefore should not be a target for major investment. The data that they currently contain and that they can possibly contain however is a target for major investment as it is in the data that the organization will find competitive commercial advantage and regulatory compliance.”When concidering a move from a significant on-premise Oracle ERP solution to an Oracle Cloud solution, this paper helps a Finance Technology group to understand some of the critical pitfalls and negotiating points to be aware of.


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