Service Technology Owners

The Service Technology Owner, is responsible for all aspects of technically facilitating a business service to exist, to persist and finally, if needed, to desist via a deep and cooperative partnership with the Service Business Owner.

In IT we service consumers who are typically not from the same educational discipline. We service consumers who want to purchase a very complex product in a simple package to complete their own work and objectives as a supporting tool. We service consumers who, as their level of understanding increases, demand commoditization and simplification of use. We service consumers who believe that they are purchasing a Service, not a Product, after all they do not wish to own and operate these complex and expensive tools themselves.

Our very complex tools are meant to service individuals and teams from a different discipline who have performance requirements and continuity needs; our tools are important to them in a critical and personal way.  Their success depends on our tools. At the same time as demanding ever increasing levels of performance and relevance, our consumers continue to evolve, change and improve, yet they demand a lower cost. Complexity therefore continues to rise, yet the cost is pressured lower.

These are the characteristics of evolving consumer services. We must recognize this is what we do and act accordingly in line with this.