Go-Live Announcement – Advanced

Due to the overwhelming number of requests, here is a more detailed go-live announcement. Happy Go-Live!

XXXXX Application – Go-Live

Release DATE


We are very pleased to announce the completion of the development and deployment of the XXXXX Application, which is going live today, DATE,, after X months of hard work.

XXXXX will replace XXXXX systems in all countries effective today.

The system will be used for the XXXXX (business process) and for XXXXX (business process) from XXXXX onwards.

This application was built for our global business with the installation taking place concurrently in all regions each with different XXXXX and XXXXX application configurations and processes. As a result, it was particularly complex in terms of coordinating user requirements and working with the development consultants, XXXXX, across all locations.

However, this also provided an opportunity to better align, simplify and standardise global processes leading to a more consistent and cost-efficient application design and solution.

The new system will help the XXXXX organization and others involved with the XXXXX and XXXXX processes achieve the following:

–       An efficient global XXXXX process with XXXXX capabilities, automated XXXXX, automated XXXXX feed, automated XXXXX posting, aligned XXXXX structures and integration with XXXXX.

–       Support the XXXXX with XXXXX available at XXXXX level

–       A XXXXX process through automated update of XXXXX and actual data, XXXXX calculation, XXXXX and automated XXXXX

From a Finance perspective, XXXXX is a key product that will enhance our XXXXX and XXXXX capabilities. However, we understand that a change of system might be uncomforting or unsettling at the start, and we kindly request you to fully own the system as end-users and leverage its full capabilities.

From an IT perspective, the migration to a XXXXX based application for our XXXXX and XXXXX process provides a world-class platform with expanded functionality and aligns us with the overall Finance Technical Strategy.

We would like to thank the project team, all regional and global participants, XXXXX Group and XXXXX (the application development consultants) for the support and commitment during the project, and for the significant efforts you all put in to deliver this project on time for the start of our XXXXX.


XXXXX XXXXX                      XXXXX XXXXX                      XXXXX XXXXX
Head of XXXXX                           XXXXX                                       XXXXX


The XXXXX data has been loaded into the XXXXX and XXXXX Applications and it matches 100% from the XXXXX point of view with XXXXX.


To login to the Production system, please see the environment links below.

–       Your user account is the same as your Windows login details and the “XXXXX” software has been automatically installed on your PC.

–       If you do not have XXXXX installed on your PC, please contact your local IT HelpDesk and ask them to install the following package “XXXXX”

–       The links you will need for your access to XXXXX are;
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Training Documents

–       The System Training Documentation is located at this link: LINK


–       All bugs, Issues, Changes, Requests and Fixes are tracked in JIRA at this link

–       Any issues that you encounter should be logged in the JIRA system.

–       JIRA security works on token access assigned to you when you attempt the first login.

If you cannot see a “Create” button at the top of the page like the one below then you do not have a token assigned to you.

–       To resolve this, click the link above and wait for the page to load. Reply to this email that you have done this andyou will be granted access to the JIRA project for you to create, manage, assign and work on issues.

You will then receive an email letting you know that your access is ready.

Daily Processes

Please remember that the daily processes (system unavailable time) for XXXXX is 8am <<timezone>>.

The XXXXX processes are currently taking 7 minutes to complete.
Therefore the system is typically down from 8am <timezone> to 8:10 <timezone> daily.


All critical issues (if any) should be directed to the global support teams via the following contact information;

Hotline – XXXXX
Support Email: email@email.com