Go-Live Competition

This is a sample of how to stir up good-will on the project at go-live time.


As you are all aware, the XXXXX project will go-live tomorrow with Accounts Payable and Expenses.

The XXXXX expense community is approximately 2500 strong encompassing the XXXXX and XXXXX business lines as well as the Shared Service functions.


In the 24 hours from 00:00am Friday, October 1st to 00:00am Saturday October 2nd the Project Team member that guesses closest to the number of expense reports entered (and submitted for approval) during this time will receive the project manager’s award for “Excellence in Guessing”.

This will be a free lunch at the restaurant of your choice, (within reason) conditions apply.

If more than one person guesses the correct number of expense reports, then the prize is divided between the winners.
If no one guesses correctly then the closest guess wins.
If the number of expense reports entered is zero then this will carry over to Monday.

Only recipients of this mail are eligible.

To be eligible, simply reply to this mail with the number of expense reports that you think the XXXXX organization will enter during the 24 hour period this Friday.

Kind regards,